Your Farewell Party

Last week few colleagues parted us for other locations with good reasons. In current scenario every one seems to be so busy in his own web of works that nobody finds time to attach or think emotionally for the other.  I also avoided attending farewell parties organized, thinking myself to be very busy amongst work and family with defining my own priorities. I am not at all worried for that apparent question on the desk that how many will return for my farewell party. With the passage of time it is getting more transparent that every thing seems to work in place with or without any one in this world maybe with some little hiccups.

My concern is, “Are we turning more and more professional in our attitude?” However hard fact remains that biggest of the organizations run even after loosing their real heroes.

How much significance we carry with us solely depends on some criteria. The real key person is one who is associated up to the ground activities. I trust the criteria and likelihood of remembering and recognizing you by other people is that mind share quantum you’re really able to occupy. Logic is very simple I follow lots of people through social media networking but only a few I can recapitulate.

Did it bring any relevance when it reminds me to rate with your significance barometer you posses in this evolution cycle of world?

If I add some romance into this I remember famous parting song from Nikah sung by Mahendra Kapoor

बीते हुए लम्हों की कसक साथ तो होगी,
ख्वाबों में ही हो चाहे मुलाकात तो होगी |


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