Why parents distrust children

It was the time during my college when we use to made lots of programs of night outs. Every time we intend to plan for it there were some guys including one of my best friends who use to run away from all this. in spite of the fact that I desperately wanted him to come along every time he use to refuse it. On analysing it I concluded that heavoids to face his parents for the purpose and he do not want any kind of drama at his home. One day I proposed to talk to his parents, he told me it is going to be futile and he was true. In my opinion his parents behaved in a very narrow minded way. The whole environment was so, that his desire to move out was almost no more lying there and he himself was responsible for that. He carried himself in such a way that his moving out was not so important for him and his parents. He might have done something which his parents must not have approved and a kind of distrust sprouted in the relation.

Though it was even not very easy for me to convince my parents for the same but some how I managed to do it. I believe reason for this some how lied in the fact that my parents trusted me slightly more than his. In the art of parenting this is something essential which every parent should take care of.

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