Was Aman Kachroo the last one?

People of this country are victims of amnesia we often hear news on brutal institutional ragging still we remain unable to act. The ragging is not a recent phenomenon it has become a cult in professional colleges. Every year the juniors can be seen in a special dress to declare that ragging is on. Amans’s case was a tragedy waiting to happen for years because most of the similar incidents end up with humiliation, trauma and suicides.

As soon as these youngsters step into these institutes they are brought on their knees. They are ruthlessly realized to the fact that violation of dignity is the gateway to their dreams. This impact is carried away with them and is reflected in their lives ahead. Even the institute management closes its eyes towards the issue. This reveals the character of the institutions we have put up such that the bright children are snatched away by the so called seniors in the name of ragging.

It is not only just ragging that takes place in the hostel rooms, it is the real cruelty.  Aman’s incident is not a case of ragging; it is a case of blackmailing and murder. The murderers who wanted the juniors to bring them the liquor. It is an alarming fact that nine out of ten humiliated fresher commit suicide rather than murdered. In such cases, the victim is blamed for depression.

I was disgusted to know that how the principal medical college used the cover up operation to label a case of ragging and murder into a case of heart attack. The threat could not be checked solely by authorities single-handedly. Parents of children have to be wide awake for the actions of their children in both cases of as ragger or being ragged.

The responsibility to eradicate ragging from the face of our country rests on each one of us. Let us not allow another incident to happen. I look forward for all the readers to support for the Amendment of Indian Penal Code to Make Ragging an Offence Petition to Prime Minister of India. This issue should not be left to depart after the media hype. May Aman Kachroo’s soul rest in peace.

Suport Aman Kachroo’s Cause

Picture Source: The Aman Movement


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  1. I pray for it too. It’s a good cause. I came by looking for yur BYB Sunday psot. Always have a hard time finding it sicne you don’t use a graphic. I didn’t find it this week. . . but I did leave a comment on the post below this one also.

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