Two to go

In this session I attempted my four exams of Management Studies from which the result of two was reflected on the website. At the very first glance I was upset that my two papers are plucked but then I scrutinized the text carefully which relieved me it was written that status is indicative only & cannot be used as a substitute for the grades which are sent. Results are incomplete. More results yet to follow.  In this session I am planning to submit the backlog of my previous assignment.

It fills me with lots of enthusiasm when I ponder on the statistics that in this academic year I attempted sixteen papers of two universities, all of them will be qualified smoothly. Though I opted for more then eighteen but I appeared in sixteen. The result of two is about to come  which will make my success rate to be 100%. There was a time in my life when this was not easy at all. I extend my gratitude for the courage, wisdom and experience which mother nature has gifted me. The major part of mind share has been filled by all these academic activities. Two more courses are fascinating me now a days one is in Power Manageement and the another one is in Cyber laws.

After doing a little calculations what I realised was that I’ll be not having enough money this month to pay my next semester fees of the running courses. Lets see how I am going to manage it. 

This magic of thinking big  also helped at my workplace, though were having lots of report links but we have confined our site for little number of reports today I increased it drastically .

By the way today it is Eleventh September. I pray whole heartedly for the victims of twin tower incident. May their soul rest in peace.