Three Angels

This week I feel I am the most blessed one as three little angels walked into my life. Yes, I am father now to three sweet daughters who appeared in our life as a triplet and today they are one week old. It looks as if it brings completeness to our life. Everything happened quite fast in front of us in the seventh year of our marriage.

It was the fifth day of March when we usually celebrate the marriage anniversary of our parents. My wife was admitted to the city hospital and I was casual like all other days. I went to hospital and soon she was taken to operation theater I was under stress. It went very intense when I saw all the docs gathered for a scrum like rugby players in front me. I signed some documents stating the criticality of the suzerain case. I was informed regarding the worst shapes the case may take place. Other then my concern for my wife’s well being one of my fears was that all children body parts should be proper. Thanks to the Almighty that everything went well.

On the call for the blood from OT when I rushed to the blood bank where we had previously reserved the blood I was able to see how casually few people work at their work places. They not only have any kind of respect to the others priority but also do not leave any point to putting their remarks. The gentlemen here were so clumsy that they wasted my almost half an hour in the proceedings and by the time I reached back my wife had already delivered the daughters without much blood loss in the surgery. Later on the surgeon confirmed it to me that it was only precautionary call for blood.

In India the sex ratio of girl child is quite poor and it is 951 per 1000 in our state. This is the reason for which sex determination of child prior to its birth is considered as crime as per Government and we also let it remain as suspense up to the end. Though we were expecting some mix of son and daughter but arrival of three daughters was not less than any celebration. If you are addicted to serials you can visualize my gesture on the arrival of daughters. As shown in the promos of TV serial Ladli to be telecasted on Star Plus by actor Kanwarjeet Singh. Though I hate television soaps but I really loved the promo as it is contextual.

Some people of our society who think them to be the cream of the crop really disgusted me by their poor gestures. I can clearly observe the narrow perceptions and reason behind the female infanticide. Another thing which I experienced was the series of people who are willing to adopt the child. Before this parenthood I may be not able to feel the fear and pain to figure out the thought of imparting your part.

I experienced that such milestone events in your life give a room to witness the sentiment of belongingness of your own people. Anyhow the next challenge is to keep the little children away from any kind of infection. Thanks to my mom and mom-in-law who have taken the charge and without their contribution this might had turned impossible in regard of energy and patience to handle the daughters.

I am proud on the notion that God has identified us as competent being to handle and bring up the three children in one go.

3 thoughts on “Three Angels”

  1. Congratulations, daddy! May they bless your life always. I am excited for you and your family. Hope youwill show their photo one day on your blog. I am excited for you because I was a twin.

  2. Thanks! Certainly I’ll upload pics soon.

    Its gud to learn that you were twins. I hope you may be a great source to share some experienced tips while bringing them up!

  3. Great news man!! Congrats….A triplet!!!! Man you sure are having the best of life. Sorry I was away for a week and missed this great news.

    I am also expecting another baby by end of March. Congrats again..

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