Thoda Sa Rumani Ho Jayein

A hindi movie of year 1990 “Thoda Sa Rumani Ho Jayein” which can be said as modern day fairy tale, directed by favourite Amol Palekar and features my favourite actors Anita Kanwar, Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale.

As per wikipedia this movie has become a part of management courses and study pertaining to human behaviour. The movie has a lot of poetry within itself. The main character of the movie is an unconventional girl lacking confidence. All people around her including her father and brothers keep advising her ‘How she should be’. Then, a magician ‘Nana Patekar’ who claims to bring rain comes to her lives. He helps her to realize the potential of believing. He brings back beauty and confidence to Anita Kanwar. Now, she realizes altogether a different life, just because of believing or changing perception.

Best scene

There is a difference between dreaming and falsehood so we should always dream and shoot higher than our know-how. Always give a try to be better than yourself, Thanks to my friend, Viren Sagar for providing this beautiful movie..