The power of Chanting

I have lost my two memory sticks as yet each 2GB. The data I lost in these were quite crucial for me. After loosing my 2nd stick, and keeping my forgetfulness in mind I resolute not to buy the new stick any more. The decision was taken hurriedly but subconsciously I knew that I was wrong and I need to improve on this.

One day I went through ‘Panchang’ (Also known as Saka Hindu or Indian national calendar and lot many things in shape of book) there I found a verse which was to get back your lost belongings. It was claimed that if you have lost something precious which you wish to have back you have to chant it in the mornings and evenings and it was claimed that you will get that article back in some form with in month’s time. I just grinned and ignored it. But later one during performing my morning prayers I found myself looking for that verse and gradually it became my habit to chant it for at least 10-12 times in a day. Nothing happened for complete two months.  Then one day when I was thinking to get a new stick I found one while cleaning my car. It belonged to my brother who has also lost it for more than a month’s time by this time he has procured another one. Moreover now days he is not here.

My need of this drive got solved without breaking my oath. Most important is that I got it at such a point that my faith went even stronger.