Thanks for every thing

Today I am slighlty relaxed which is why I opted to devote some time to my beloved neglected blog. But this true that with the passing of every odd day an idea to post some thing sprouted and crossed my head.  I hope in the coming times I’ll be doing some justice with this complaining blog. In fact the complaints are from with in.  Regretfully I was discussing with my better half regarding the internet connection plan we have opted for, we could have easily managed with the one fouth internet usage but we are paying four times. What for and in lump sum it really pinches a lot.  

I am unable to share my feelings after devoting thirty six hours at workplace fighting with network viruses. I am totally unable to understand it Why the system always fails prior to the arrival of super bosses to the office.  Boss shouted like anything but he realised that the fault was not ours. It was a roller coaster ride including my studies front, I do not remember my school and college times when I wrote all my exams without the stress of the examination phobia. Now we are planning to get enrolled in the next semester for further studies. In the similar fashion I have improved upon the allergy of my eyes. In my childhood I use to wear a pair of spectacles which now I have thrown away but without adopting the contact lenses.

My spouse is literally struggeling with the morning sickness after conceiving. I really salute her the way she has handeled her and mine study momentum by assiting me in the preparation of notes. The biggest shock which I recieved after her pregnancy was to know that there was more then one fertilisation. Initially I thought these are twins but my gosh I just got shaken when doc told me that it is a triplet. It can’t happen to me Farah Khan was the case which I heard before this.  Any how the family every one is happy as of now. Little bro last night dreamt of three of them as healthy babies out of which one was a girl.

There are lot many things to write but I am stuck with a deadlock for e.g. The world’s most powerful physics experiment that completed its first major test today in Europe breathes an Indian link with 30 scientists from India including a couple also behind the attempt to replicate the “Big Bang” that created the Universe 13.7 billion years ago. The world’s largest particle collider successfully fired a beam of protons all the way around a 27-km tunnel on the France-Switzerland border near Geneva in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the universe and study its formation. This all happened in my era.

It is worthwhile to mention that it was so inspiring and I was absolutely thrilled to see The Indian flag flew high when Bindra received the Gold India wins a Gold after 25 years and the first in an individual event. Though I do not have flare for shooting but the pride of gold swayed me completelyas a wave.

The upper floor of our house is coming up nicely with a little hitches which are ought to be accepted. It seeems that I am writing this as the text of my letters to maternal uncle. Yes I have slackened badly there also. I believe everyone will be justified now.

I wish I could write long posts like Mr.Bachchan does. Last but not the least I would like to really really thank almighty for whatsoever he has given to me. Thanks for every thing…