Are vegetarians more non-veg in Bedroom?

My parents have narrated this small piece of story from my life. When I was small kid (about 4-5 yrs old), one day I forgot to take my school lunch. Since I was so cute (as they say), my class teacher while doing her lunch called me up and made me sit with her for lunch. She offered me something to eat I smilingly accepted the offer but after a while before she could even finished her lunch I vomited the whole thing. I was so small to realize that she offered me some Non-vegetarian item. My physiology might not have accepted the meat.

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Optimism Vs Environment

One of very good friends of mine sent an inspiring text to me. It says, “All the water in the sea can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside it. Similarly all the sadness in the world cannot put you down unless you let it inside you”.

Though I tend to have an optimistic approach But I found it illogical. I had a point to put forward.

You can’t stop the entering water into the ship if it is broken similarly the sadness will find its way to the Broken Heart.

What is your take on this?

The beauty of night at hill

Our mood swings are relative to our environment. Most of the times bad weather upsets you and good weather makes you feel nice. Yesterday night while driving back from office. Suddenly all the haze got cleared after the whole day cloudy environment. I was mesmerized by the beauty of hill queen as soon as my eye fell on the opposite hill. Before getting absorbed into it I just clicked it. Though this particular photograph does not mark the scenic beauty so prominently but I still feel its foolish to move out without camera.

Nameless Bond

Kaalu – The Dog
There was a time when I was quite scared of dogs. Then my father brought a German Shepard in year 1995 which stayed with us for 2006. We called him Duke. Departing from it was so painful that we never gave any thought to get a new pet.
Suddenly few months back a stray dog appeared in front of our house. We fed him for a while then it became his daily routine to visit us for food. He started recognizing any member from our family on the road and jumps high to greet us.
Some of us call him Babblu and some Kaalu but he is happy both ways. Some time I really wonder on his formal approach when he try to show his loyalty in every possible way.
He is a wonderful company indeed. The only point is he can not express himself. I found him a good source to play with where he takes care of my BP. For an instant I feel as if Duke has come back from the another world.