First Haircut of K3

Once upon a time when K3 was happily passing the golden period of their lives with lots of fun and naughtiness. Their parents and other family members were having a nice experience.

One day K3 was called by their parents to discuss the scope of haircut in the evolution of their further growth.

A meeting was organised to discuss this issue and all of them attended it whole heartedly.

Parents shared the benefits of getting a haircut at this time. K3 requested for some time to contemplate on the issue and went out to have a meeting.

After lots of debate some conclusion was being driven amongst them.
When parents reached them K3 happily intimated them that now they are mentally prepared for this experience episode.

Now they seem to be looking forward for some good barber in the town.

After lots of hue and cry the event happened. A barber was called to their place, each one of them was desperate to get her head shaved.

Anyhow it happened suddenly. Now it was the turn of K3 to get surprised! They were surprisingly making fun of each other’s shaved coconut.

Everything went well then all of them gathered to have a photo-shoot.

Then they went out to have fun in the park.

There they also had their first haircut party with their grand Pa-Ma & parents.

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Hundred Days of K-Three

In the biggest democracy like India when a Government complete its first hundred days of working, the day is celebrated like anything because it is a matter of reflection for rest of the following days of life. Same applies to us as a couple we sat to write this post on 14th of this month but all invain as children kept on distracting us all the way.

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