Endorse – “Jan Lokpal”

Janloakpal bill makes a lot of sense and it deserves more attention than the cricket.’We can win world cup in a one year preparation, but cannot pass a bill against corruption in 42 years?’ Lets join Anna Hazare in the fight against corruption Social activist Anna Hazare started his fast unto death. He is being supported by a cross-section of people in this crusade. It is time the entire country joins him in this fight against corruption. Continue reading “Endorse – “Jan Lokpal””

Text Mesaging to call Himachal Police

There are times when you need police asistance but you are in such an awkward situation that you can’t afford to talk to police by simply dialing the number. ‘Now anyone can send SMS to the police on mobile number 9459100100 for any kind of assistance. The SMS will be immediately forwarded to the police officer concerned for necessary action,’ Acting Director General of Police (DGP) D.S. Manhas told IANS Friday. Continue reading “Text Mesaging to call Himachal Police”

Hope for Justice

Sooner or later every cause leaves some effect. I do not know why in May 2006 a robbery at a gas station put an abrupt end to a young vibrant life; the sound of a gunshot silenced the voice that resonated cheers to many; for a mere $100 we lost an invaluable life. Many dreams, many ambitions were shattered while we searched for answers. Story Link

Best part is that after a period of three years the mystery seems to be unfolding, 21 years old Jerry Reeves, of Lower Paxton Twp, was charged with the 2006 shooting death of Hitender Thakur. Reeves was arrested on July 29th on robbery charges. He later confessed to the murder of Hitender. Story Link

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Manmohan – Advani

Manmohan Singh is ready to face the second innings where as LK Advani has failed to convince the electorate as a better alternative to Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister. Possibly he is the biggest loser of this election and now appears out of business. There is some news in media indicating that this election might be a loss for BJP and Advani but on the same time this has helped Narendra Modi establish himself as the next big thing.

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Republic of India – Verdict 2009

Today the world’s largest democracy verdict was disclosed. All media covered the event passionately though I didn’t follow it closely but it was not a surprise for me to see the ruling party lead and it became fairly clear by evening that UPA is coming back for another term. The coalition has not only retained its position as the largest single party, but has even improved its position as compared to the results of the last elections.

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