Spongers in your life

This is 2:30AM and I got up to post this. After yesterdays snowfall the night sky is clean full of twinkling stars Its chilling cold outside. I am sitting on my workstation with hot water bottle and coffee mug. Today I am little disturbed, not exactly upset.

People can be categorized into many categories givers and takers but there are certain times in your life when you encounter the real spongers who wants to suck you like anything. They can’t tolerate working you fine or going anything to you which even you deserve but are always… You are in real mess when such sponger in a position which effects you such that at times you have to report him even.

I try ignoring it as I understand it is Karmic. I tried my level best to find the cause with in me and keep wondering, Why these spongers appear in your life. May be this are the testing times when your real humanitarian skills come out. Every thing is fine up to a limit but when it starts crossing the threshold I think you have to give him a hard time.

God bless me with wisdom so that I can get rid of this stuff. Thanks to myself today I saved myself writing a very negative post.