Separating to Unite

I believe this was the Charisma of Guddi, ‘The Doll’. As the 27 years old Reality TV star Jade Goody never impressed me and still I watched the media circus right from the beginning. Many in India use to call her Guddi after her participation in Big Boss. I found it an astonishing idea to die on reality television show. I was uncomfortable by knowing the plan to sell moments of slipping into unconsciousness but it was one of the most moving moments I could ever visualize, a mother telling her children about her death.

Jade is a mother of two young sons Freddie four and Bobby Jack five years old. She hugged and kissed them and even laughed with them – she was told to keep things simple and calm as not to scare the kids. She was advised from experts on how to approach the boys with the news.

Jade Goody

Earlier when Goody became sick, she explained her cancer as “tadpoles” inside her body, to better help the boys understand. So when the time came to tell them the terrible truth, she could continue by explaining that the tadpoles became too many to fight with the medicine.

She said…

Mummy’s going to heaven soon. but you don’t need to worry or be scared. I never, ever want to leave you because I love you so much. I wish I could stay – but I can’t. The tadpoles had so many babies the doctors couldn’t make me better. So I’m going to Jesus and he’ll look after me.

You may not be able to see me anymore but you will feel me with you always. Just think of me and I’ll be with you. When you look up in the sky and see the brightest star, that’s me looking down on you and loving you for always.

She’s been remarkable in the way she has planned everything – the wedding, the christening, her funeral and the boys’ future. She has left strict instructions to Jeff Brazier, Jade’s ex and the boys’ father, Jack Tweed about what she wants. She’s told them that, no matter how painful it is for them, they have to keep talking as if she’s just around the corner, keeping her eye on the boys.

She presented the boys each a friendship braclet, and said, “If you’re ever sad or frightened, rub this and think of me and I’ll be with you. Identical to the situation of extremely successful Hindi Movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ she has already made memory boxes for her sons, filled with photos, mementoes and letters to be opened at special times throughout their lives. She insisted that her children should not be present when she dies.

She kept her humorousness to the end. Jade’s mom, Jackie Budden, left the room while her daughter telling her sons that she was dying, Jade hates people crying around her and doesn’t want her last days filled with miserable faces. Few close friends, stayed in the room at her request.

I submit my heart filled prayers for Jade Goody through this post May the lord provide her with the painless comfort and reunite her family in the heaven.

My heart is filled with gratitude for Jade as she brings my attention to my own impermanent existence. I recapitulate one of the posts written by me some time back Biggest Reality Game Show.
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Update: Goody died in her sleep on 22 March, 2009.
Picture Source: Wikipedia