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There are very few conveniently accessible points which can be easily approached at weekends by Shimlites. One such point is the old Shri Sankat Mochan Temple of Shimla, its calm and peaceful surroundings attracts localites as well as tourists in all seasons. Moreover, being next to NH-22 it becomes quite easily approachable.

The word “Snakat Mochan” is title given to Lord Hanuman which means the reliever from all worries. This temple also have idols of Lord Rama, Shiva, Ganesha and “Nav Grah” (The Nine Planets). Such places in hills have earned the tag of Dev Bhoomi to the hills.

Ganesha Temple

Benches Queue

The temple was inaugurated in 1962 by former Lt. Governor Raja Bajrang Bahadur Bhadri who was motivated by Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj to take up the task of building the temple. In mid twentieth century, Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj came to this beautiful place, in search of peace and calm. He realized this was the perfect spot for meditation and soulful introspection.

Neeb Karori

After staying here for two weeks, he desired for a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman to be built here. Later on, Baba’s faithful devotees, including the then governor of Himachal Pradesh, turned the wish of their Guru into a reality. The temple was built and sanctified in June 1966.

The Wish Tree

There is a tree in front of the main door of the temple which is tied by many red small chunni clothes. I am not sure but it seems that it is a wish tree and every one coming here with some wish ties a knot to the tree.

Ganesha Temple

The temple of Lord Ganesha is in south Indian style and the prayers here are also held in the similar fashion.


Every Sunday there is a “Bhandara” (Food for all) organized by either devotees or by temple trust between twelve noon to 3:00 PM. If a devotee wishes to organize a langar from his side he has to book it in advance and the booking goes six to seven months in advace.


The Temple Office
The view of Temple Trust Office


For me it is very refreshing to visit this place at least once in a month. The pictures at temple site were clicked over a span of one year. The best part remains, earlier I visited the place without and later with my children…

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  1. Nice article.. This is one of the best places around Shimla. Me and my wife would spend hours here earlier. This reminds me to take my kids here once I am in Shimla next

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