Rules Are For Fools

Do you think so? I believe instead a middle way that if you are not harming any one and breaking a rule can bring you certain amount of help, there is no harm in breaking it.

Every evening when I drive back home after 08:00PM from my office I take a shorter restricted route which is about five kilometers to one side less then the regular one. This place is traffic free and very smooth for a lovely drive as it is a VIP area. But as the security patrolling is almost negligible in the cold winter evening and most of the time I take the chance and succeed to take a feel of VIP.

One evening I had a narrow escape so I became quiet calculative while breaking the law before reaching that point I study the patrolling trends at various points and decide accordingly. Most of the fraction is intuitive and I trust my senses. I avoid doing it unnecessarily. But the fact is I break the rules and save almost my fifteen liters of fuel in a month which is just 1500 bucks but in case I am caught I’ll be fined for 5000 bucks. It means that if I am fined once I have to use this road both ways for more then three months. But the joy of breaking a rule and the time you save can match to no cost.

It also reminds me my previous boss who was retired army personnel. He was just crazy for obeying rules. Even at 02:00AM midnight when there is no traffic at all he does not ignore the automatic swapping of traffic lights and wait for one whole minute for the green signal. I am not trying to make fun of him but the point is that you can always use your coconut such that you have to be very careful because when you are swayed to break the rule it can be unfair for others.

The point is that better when you break the rules in the absence of all you are being governed by the law of Cause and Effect of this universe.