Pink Valentine

This year the Valentine was pink here with new Indian sentiment of Pink Chaddis (Panties). It has surely brought the required attention. The whole campaign of rebelliousness was against the chief of Ram Sena and the moral policing by fundamentalists. The movement called The Pink Chaddi Campaign with mission is to collect pink underwear and to deliver the boxes to Mutalik’s address on February 14.

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Rarest of the Rare

The death sentence for Nithari Serial Killing culprits was pronounced today calling this horrible incident as ‘Rarest of the Rare’ case. Nithari has been nation’s first case of serial killings involving pedophilia, necrophilia and cannibalism which had shaken the country’s conscience. The act of murder and rape in this particular case was beyond all the laws of humankind.

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Democracy Raped

From a couple of weeks there has been extreme coverage on the subject of the moral policing by fundamentalists, misbehavior with men or women has now become hot debate. On television I watched couple of incidents where the so called thieves were beaten to death by ordinary public, every year we see attack on shops selling Valentine’s Day cards. Isn’t this the lack of law and order?

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Dreams from My Father

As the historic moment unfolds not only US but the whole world is expecting a lot from the new President, Barack Hussein Obama the synonym to hope. The president may have won more hearts around the world, but for For Sujatha Adsumilli from Chennai, India, he became a messiah five years ago when he helped this lady getting  visa of US. Obama is an internationalist. That means, not only does he believe in globalization as an economic and military policy, but he is accustomed to presenting himself abroad as an American which most Americans are not.

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