This is the perfect time of the year for resolutions, so here we are with some tips which will help you to stick to your resolutions.

1. Don’t skip resolution as you think you won’t be able to stick to them. Remember every one is struggling to Change for Good. You are equally eligible to resolve and your little endeavor can make a significant change in shaping your life.

2. Don’t be blurred about your resolutions; clearly define and jot them down in your personal diary. (In case you don’t have a personal diary, go and get a good one for yourself.)

3. Remind yourself of your resolutions constantly, and plan how you are going to implement them.

4. Identify your habits that may be barriers to the new resolutions.

5. Have a plan to overcome these barriers – renegotiation with yourself may be needed.

6. Analyze yourself critically almost everyday on how you are faring with respect to the New Year resolution. Do not forget to take corrective measures immediately.

7. Do not be a perfectionist -few slip ups are OK. Don’t give up because of the slip ups. Expect resistance and disinterest in you initially. It is normal to have resistance.

8. Allow a months time for the new habit to set in.

9. Don’t keep yourself aloof, take the support of your close ones to help you to build this new habit.

10. Allow time before the fun begins. Enjoy the fun and the feel good when it occurs. Nurture the fun and talk about it to others.

Hope these steps will help you. Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year, 2008!