Republic of India – Verdict 2009

Today the world’s largest democracy verdict was disclosed. All media covered the event passionately though I didn’t follow it closely but it was not a surprise for me to see the ruling party lead and it became fairly clear by evening that UPA is coming back for another term. The coalition has not only retained its position as the largest single party, but has even improved its position as compared to the results of the last elections.

Position at 05:15 PM, 16th May, 2009 

Something went wrong with BJP’s electioneering, just one day earlier to the counting day, one exit poll after another showed the UPA edging ahead of the NDA. BJP’s agenda of “Mazboot Neta, Nirnayak Sarkaar” (Strong Leader, Decisive Government) in this election campaign went futile. The main problem of BJP’s campaign faced was instead of focusing on the welfare issues and the work that they intend to do their focus was more on making Advani the Prime Minister.

I personally feel this made voter watchful, that if party is more interested in making a Prime Minister rather than the works. Unfortunately Advani remained Prime Minister in waiting as claimed by the congress spokesperson. It indicates that today people are aware and smart enough. BJP has tried its level best including the latest trends of telecommunication and Internet. Be it the SMS send by party or the Google Ad word Campaign. The BJP’s advertisements pitched Advani as a ‘Loh Purush (Iron Man)’, or tough leader, with pictures of him showing his fist.