Republic Day – Another Holiday

Is the occasion one of national significance to us? Do you believe that citizens of the nation take pride in their country on Republic Day? Do we, as citizens really understand the importance of being a democratic republic? On a personal observations, I think democracy has lost its signifiance. Republic Day, which signifies the setting up of our democracy has become just another national holiday. After more then a half century to the introduction of the Indian Constitution, the masses takes this day is just another national holiday.

For us our daily needs and the craze for success has become our priority and celebrating the important days of 15th August and 26th January are just a formality. On the other hand it is true that with the changing scenario in the world, Indians themselves have changed. From the time of the country’s independence to the present day, India has seen a series of development in various sectors like communication, information technology etc. Today the world Internet users have crossed 1 billion mark, we are neck-to-neck with other developing countries of world and lead in some fields as well. However, somewhere we have lost the passion for patriotism.