Rarest of the Rare

The death sentence for Nithari Serial Killing culprits was pronounced today calling this horrible incident as ‘Rarest of the Rare’ case. Nithari has been nation’s first case of serial killings involving pedophilia, necrophilia and cannibalism which had shaken the country’s conscience. The act of murder and rape in this particular case was beyond all the laws of humankind.

I had been closely following the proceedings from more than two years through media when the body parts of 19 children and young women, who had been sexually abused and followed by chopping of body organs, were found in a drain behind D-5 so called ‘Khooni Kothi’ where the 700 pieces of bones and skulls were stuffed in 57 gunny bags.

The investigating teams seized erotic literature along with a laptop computer connected to a webcam, which raised the question of the presence of child pornography racket. The police also recovered some photographs of Pandher with nude children and foreigners.

The case has taken so many twists and turns since the charge sheet was filed as most of massacre victims were kids of poorest migrants who came here for their livelihood in very despair condition of poverty and vulnerability. Moreover the local administration didn’t treat them well.

It ended on a positive note when the Court today awarded death to both the accused; this has disgraced the Central Bureau of Investigation which earlier had issued clean chit to Businessman, Pandher. The businessman’s son said his father was innocent and he would appeal against the judgment in the High Court.