Pride in the College

Long back in 1995 the biggest moment of pride in my college was not the reult or convocation day but when I drove inside first time on my scooter. There was a point on the extreme inside near my Zoology Laboratory wher a big mirror was there behind the series of water taps where all youth can be found drinking water, combing hairs and gossiping. Riding on scooter with a friend on back seat, waving to known ons from another hand was seen as a prestigious symbol in the college.

The ssccceeeeeeewzzzz sound of applying brakes on high speed drew attention of some strangers and you are no more known by your name but the number plate of your two wheeler. It was HP30- 1111 which was considered to be a VIP number. The make of scooter was LML which was considered to be stylish, smoothest and costlier scooty.

This was the first year when our college has turned into coeducational institute and we were having only two girl students in our whole college. Though those girls were quite unattractive and very simple but this is a big mistery to understand why even the smart boys were very conscious at their arrivals and departures.