My Prayers

Today I am sharing my prayers with you. These prayers are a part of energization technique and works like daily recharging of my batteries to run with the world.

With a hope that you will join me in doing these prayers …


I offer appreciation to the all protecting forces of the universe and the functions in life and in the environment that serve to protect us and pray that these protective powers may be further strengthened and enhanced through my practice of the mystic law of universe.

I offer my deepest praise and most sincere gratitude to the three great secret laws which according to my perception is:

  1. The place where I am executing my prayers
  2. The mystic law of universe
  3. My object of devotion

I offer my sincerest gratitude to all the fellow mates of universe who directly or indirectly are and were helping or associated with me in this journey of life.

I pray for peace throughout the world and for happiness of all humanity. I offer my sincerest gratitude to every individual contribute developments in this eternal endeavor and to the organizations who are contributing to the propagation of this message.

I pray to bring forth my best potential from with in my life to change my embedded causes for good and fulfill my wishes in the present and the future.

I pray for my deceased relatives and for all those who have passed away to attain peace.


These are my daily prayer befoer having my meals…

O heavenly father, receive this food, make it holy. Let no impurity of greed defile it. The food comes from Thee. It is for Thy temple. Spiritualize it. Spirit to spirit goes. We are the petals of Thy manifestation, but Thou art the flower, its life, beauty and loveliness. Permeate our souls with the fragrance of Thy presence.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

* The prayers mentioned here are influenced by SGI and YSS