Pink Valentine

This year the Valentine was pink here with new Indian sentiment of Pink Chaddis (Panties). It has surely brought the required attention. The whole campaign of rebelliousness was against the chief of Ram Sena and the moral policing by fundamentalists. The movement called The Pink Chaddi Campaign with mission is to collect pink underwear and to deliver the boxes to Mutalik’s address on February 14.

Chaddis were being collected all over the country in a collection box put up openly since February 5 when the campaign took off on the social networking site Facebook and in ten days more then 40,000 people joined the group. With more than 1,500 persons pledging support online, The Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women has made the witty business a serious one. The Pink Chaddi campaign also called Pub Bharo (fill-the-pubs) movement on the Valentines Day.

Strange ways people deal with strange things. However females dismiss the pink chaddi campaign as undignified. It is also meant to ridicule the metaphor for Sri Rama Sene ‘the Brown Nickers group’.

Earlier similar incident had been reported from Burma where Than Shwe the supreme leader of the Burmese military regime who has been carrying out human rights abuses. On his birthday and female showed the Panty Power to make sure it as an Unhappy B’(a)d Day.

This weeks blessing is for the bold females of the country who raised their voice against the awful politics going on.

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  1. What a movement! It’s one Valentine’s Day one won’t forget!

    I also left a comment on your snow blog post. I am happy that you finally got some snow, little as it was, it was very pretty and a wonderful surprise for you!

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