People wake to see the first snow

As I wake up in the chilly morning I was  able to see white shoots of the nearest tree to our house from my kitchen window. I immediately rushed to my balcony and was mesmerized to see the white fields. Ahh at last we the people of Shimla got blessed with some snow this winters. The people were getting stressed out about the continuous dry spell and I found every one discussing ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’. I murmured, “Late better then never, People wake up to see the first snow fall of 2009”


3 thoughts on “People wake to see the first snow”

  1. Rising up to a white Shimla was a lovely experience. Though not much of a snow but still, for the records, Shimla did get a snowfall this winters. The early morning pic of snow is a good one 🙂

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