My sleeping habits

I am a heavy sleeper but the best part is that I am a early riser also. I get up between 4th and 5th hour of the day. I go to bed generally between 09:00 and 10:00PM. There is always a cold competition between me and my mom to get up first in the morning and take shower first. Most of the times she wins and I wait for my turn. This habit of rising and going to bed early was not easy to come but now it seems that it is really difficult to go.

For this I have to sacrifice the Television Shows prime time. But I do enjoy this. If I compare the hobby of blogging with TV watching I will vote for the former one. Though it will sound odd but I have kept TV time for weekends.

In my native place, I am impressed by the activity style of farmers, they go to bed by 07:00PM and get up at 03:00AM. The key is that you take an edge when you start your day early on the same time you rest equally.