My Book

Much much awaited eBook of mine titled My Human Revolution is on the floor. My Human Revolution is a result of good encouragement I received from the readers of my blog The Revolution Hour – Exploring Value Dimension. This eBook is a miscellaneous of philosophical articles I wrote on my blog in the past year about Self Help and Daily Inspiration. Book writing had been one of my greatest fantasies. I used to write lot of letters to my friends in which we use to discuss lots of ideas.

With the revolution in communication my letter writing habit got diluted and on the same time I came across with the establishment of this blog. My Human Revolution is a journey to self in shaping the tree of life with all the wisdom. For a better experience you can print it on A4 format page. I hope you will enjoy reading this compilation. This eBook has been compiled for free distribution across the internet. Have a look…

My Human Revolution

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