It was year 2000, one day my college friend “Hitesh” came to me and told that he is planning to go for a motorbike and he needs to bring it from near by city which is about 120 kms far from our town. I was excited by his decision because I was also aspiring for the one, but I had no money for it. He didn’t knew to drive it which is why he showed his full confidence in me so that I can drive for him it while returning home.

In order to be at par on his criteria and confidence I asked my another friend “Jai” who was also my colleague to hand over his motorbike to me for a while so that I can learn the fundamental operations in order to drive it. He was so humble and happily agreed for this. After three days I took leave from my office and along with “Hitesh” went to get his bike.

On reaching there, we tried couple of showrooms of Royal Enfeild commonly known as “Bullet”. The color of his choice was no where. Eventually he decided that he will not go for the color he don’t likes. I was quite annoyed for his decision and told him that we have come so far he should have confirmed it before coming here. He proposed me that if I was at his place how would I had reacted. I told him that color was no barricade for me because I would had gone for color liked by masses that’s why most of them are black. He challenged me that if it so then why don’t you take this bike and was ready to lend money to me. I made an excuse that whenever I’ll buy it I’ll go for city bike CBZ. He said OK let’s go to Hero Honda’s show room then. We went there and with in half an hour we were over with the formalities. He paid 65K hard cash for it.

On the way back to home. I was quite scared for my decision. The same night I stayed at his place. Next day I drove to my house. My pop was so angry with me that he didn’t talked to me for couple of days and didn’t saw my bike for whole one week. Mean while I arranged for some loans from my mom. After a month or so we again went to the city to get Hitesh’s bike, ironically by that time he was convinced for a black bike.