Mental Whispers

One of the greatest help in your development can be the habit of mental whispering to yourself. Mental whispers develop dynamic power to reshape matter into what you want. You do not realize how great the power of the mind is. Until you fulfill your strong desires, your mind will not rest; it ceaselessly works toward fulfilling those desires. When you want to have something special, or to buy a dress, dish or a car you have admired, is it not true that no matter what else you may be doing your mind is continually thinking how you can get those things?

All the salient accomplishments of my life have been achieved through that power of mind in tune with the will of the Supreme Being. When your mind and will are in sync to the Divine Will of universe you do not have to move a finger in order to create changes on earth. The divine law will work for you. When that divine dynamo is on, whatever I am wishing has to come to pass. Things that the mortal mind could not even hope to expect were however done in front of us.

5 thoughts on “Mental Whispers”

  1. Great reminder! When we are in tune with the Divine Provider, He will give us what we need, when we need it. It’s a blessing just to be reminded of this.

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  3. All you wrote is all true, but I never heard of the whisper part. It does however make a lot of sense. I will most certainly try it.

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