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Manmohan Singh is ready to face the second innings where as LK Advani has failed to convince the electorate as a better alternative to Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister. Possibly he is the biggest loser of this election and now appears out of business. There is some news in media indicating that this election might be a loss for BJP and Advani but on the same time this has helped Narendra Modi establish himself as the next big thing.

Most of the people felt that Advani came out during the election campaign with a negativ image country wide, He had been good in criticizing the Government and Manmohan Singh, but was unable to come out with positive policies which he could place before the voters as an alternative to what the Government of Manmohan Singh was doing. Negativism has already exhausted people. He also committed many tactical mistakes calling him weak and submissive to Congress president Sonia Gandhi. But it didn’t work. The most serious of them was his focusing on attacking the Prime Minister as an individual leader than on his policies. Attacks of a personal nature do not go well in our civil society. They create a feeling of revulsion in people.

Advani said while addressing a large gathering at the Lal Bagh grounds in Jagdalpur, the headquarters of Bastar district. Manmohan Singh is the weakest ever prime minister. He is prime minister but has no powers of prime minister because (Congress president) Sonia Gandhi dominates the government and its decisions,”

Though Manmohan also backfired later but on the same time he didn’t turned notorious due to his humility. I hope the world as a whole would be happy with the continuance of Singh as King. The political leaderships of many countries felt more comfortable with him than they would have been with Advani. He was perceived as a moderate, balanced person, who avoids public speaking and challenging attitudes. The previous Bush Administration was very happy with him as the Prime Minister and now the new US Administration would be equally happy with him.

BJP boys worked round the clock, while their leader Advani also found time to update his blog and interact with young and first-time voters on his website. Be it the Obama effect or something else, it’s good to see  other Indian politicians starting to use Internet actively. Undoubtedly Rahul Gandhi had a big role to play in the Congress’s gamble of going he was without doubt the star campaigner for the Congress. Sooner or later, all expect a passing of the torch to Rahul and his trusted team. Anyways this was clearly a vote for Manmohan Singh, who is clean, capable, educated and intelligent; no other leader, has these qualities. Manmohan Singh will be the first Prime Minister after Pt. Nehru to return to power after a full five-year term with the Congress having nominated him as its candidate for the top post, first time it had done in its history.

Yesterday late in the evening Advani spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and congratulated him on the surprise victory for the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in the national elections. During the brief conversation, Manmohan Singh thanked Advani, and sought both his support and constructive criticism in running the government saying, “We must open a new chapter in the working relations between the government and the principal opposition”.

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  1. This election BJP ’s mistake was Varun …in the next election it would be Modi. And BJP’s blatant use of google Ads was irritating.

    The “Loh Purush” simply could not match Vajpayee’s charm who was truly the last Indian Statesman. And this may be an oversimplification, but I do believe one of his achievements was in keeping the Sangh Parivar and its extreme right-wing elements at bay, not allowing “ideology” to mix with “governance”. The man is a Legend.

    When a government wins after defeating anti incumbency and a hell lot of others issues like the economy and terror attacks, it means that the people of India have liked what has been done over the last 5 years.. They have also realized how the left was shackling the UPA from doing better & hence its rejection.. On top of that Congress effectively projected its youth team lead by Rahul and I think they have been able to catch the imagination of the youth of the country…

    Finally, BJP has to make it’s presence in the South, AP, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. These states are the burial ground for BJP. 102 seats to Lok Sabha and BJP in no position to win even one. This is where BJP lost in 2004, 2009 and will also loose in future.

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