Longest Stretch

I see six out of ten guys in my surrounding suffering with one and another problem pertaining to teeth. Tooth decay has become a very common problem today. The reason for this problem is unawareness and ones getting lethargic.

The longest stretch of attack by germs on your teeth and gums is of the time when your mouth (buccal cavity) is inactive and this is the night time when you go to sleep. This inactive time of yours is the highly active time for these germs. So this time becomes your longest inert surrender to this enemy.

So if you want to gird up your loins to fight this micro enemy present in your mouth you have to get slightly strategic. Every night after having your supper make sure to get your teeth brushed properly such that no food particles (particularly sweet) should remain there such that the germs should not get any medium to germinate.

After brushing your teeth do not forget to clean your buccal cavity with a Peroxide Mouth Wash. It coats your mouth with a layer which offer resistance to the little enemies of your mouth.