Life Line


As the morning alarm woke me up at 04:40 AM I saw an SMS on my Mobile from a friend of mine who now resides in Sonipat. The SMS has been tactfully posted last night at 11:15PM so that I can read it as soon as I get up from the bed. Message says the ones who gets up early gains and the ones who keeps on sleeping looses in life. This all seemed to me as the beginning of new era

I have changed my workstation at my work place to the control room due to some technical reasons. Working there for whole day and finding there two mature guys (Mr. Attlee and Mr. Dhiman) who were the one who met me for the first time in that room and shared the project details with me in Desi Shtyle. I am able to see some new faces and even some faces are now missing (retired /transferred /promoted), nothing has changed so far here. In every organization I worked I encountered some people who appeared to be slightly different in Shoghi it was Mr. Krishna Anand, at SLIC it was Mr. Amit Khatri and here at SLDC it is Mr.N.P.Gupta these guys are really cool. There are definitely certain points in each of them which I need to jot down and implement in my life. I am enjoying the compressions and rarefactions of work load. I am trying to be self starter at many fronts. Assignment deadlock is still here and also I am worried regarding not receiving latest book lots from the University.

Varun and Mona moved for their classes to Chandigarh on their way of technical visit to Norway. Parv is here all the busy. This is going to be a turning point for the carrier of the whole family. Weekend was with drinks and bunch of chitchat friends, again spoiled some paper bits for Mag with Loktak.

This week we also attended the marriage reception of Charu and lifted Sharma G’s family to the venue. From a view point our family seems to be very successful in the area. This brings thought to my mind that getting victorious or a descent is very infectious, integral to attitude and soon becomes a habit.

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