Lead by Complexes

Sweet twists of life…
Affectionate Twists

In my struggling frustrated youth, despite of the fact that I was a mediocre student I was imposed with a dream to become ‘Medical Physician’ by myself. To guide me for the preparations of becoming an Expert of Medicine some one very sweet and charming family friend girl appeared in front of me. She seemed to be a fairy and, mesmerized me for a while. My heart throbbed on every wink of her big eyes. It was quite same at her end, which I realized lately.

She kept on visiting me at my place frequently. During her visits I kept absolutely thoughtless due to my Ten Thousand complexes. My behaviour and gestures portrayed me as a very generous, polite, serious personality with a keel and my complexes became my style statements. This young woman who was one year elder to me was so engrossed in guiding me that she never became conscious that I infatuated her.

I was wearing so many shackles that on her circuitous proposal I failed to accept her. During our whole dialogue both of us were completely silent. I broke her heart and she cried and cursed me such that I was in a state of indisposition for a long time and failed to achieve my targets and eventually changed my career path to Information Technology