Keep Smiling

A smile is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It is a facial expression resulting from the simple act of the curving of lips. Though, there is another, rarer kind of smile that can be noticed in and around the eyes. Evidence suggests that smiling is a normal reaction to certain stimuli, and occurs regardless of age, sex, caste or creed. In fact, it is often said that the cutest smile is that of a baby, who smiles for reasons incomprehensible to adults. In adults, the most common reason for a smile is an overall sense of well being and happiness.

A smile is said to be infectious. A smiling gesture promotes an image of self-confidence, intelligence, and wittiness. A smile can make or break a conversation; a smiling face is liked by one and all. I am sure you must have come across people that you take an instant liking to. You might also know some one who always seem to be in total control of a converstaion.

These people are liked by everyone, and are often successful in their chosen field, or profession. The reason for all of the above can be as simple as the everlasting smile on their faces.

An observing eye may note that most watches and clocks in advertisments, and shops, are often set to ten past ten. The reason for that again lies in a smile and the effect it has on the human brain. When the hands of a clock are on ten past ten, the clock resembles a smiling face. Our conscious self might not recognise that, but our sub-conscious is soothed by the image, and that increases the chances of that watch being bought.

The following incident is an excellent example that demonstartes, and actually puts a price tag, on a smile.

A boy had been stuck by the broken end of live wire, which ended on one side of his face; burning and paralyzing it. In court the boy’s lawyer asked the little fellow to turn towards the jury and smile. He tried … one side of his face smiled, but the injured side just puckered in a pitiful contortion.

The jury just took twelve minutes to award the boy $20,000. This amount thus certified as legal value of smile.

If a smile is worth $20,000 after it is lost, it must atleast be worth that much while it is still there. Life is Short, so smile… Every smile has the ability to touch someone’s heart. Smile is a blessing, and one that should be used generously.

To conclude I would like to quote following lines from the poem written from A. H. Ackley:

You can smile when you cannot say a word
You can smile when you cannot be heard
You can smile when it cloudy and fair
You can smile anytime anywhere.