Hundred Days of K-Three

In the biggest democracy like India when a Government complete its first hundred days of working, the day is celebrated like anything because it is a matter of reflection for rest of the following days of life. Same applies to us as a couple we sat to write this post on 14th of this month but all invain as children kept on distracting us all the way.

I managed to compile some bits for this posts as out stationed friends are also eager for the same. However the children are of same age but they have been asigned seniority as per their arrivals of one minute lag. However personally I feel that the biological seniority order is exactly opposite to their arrivals to this physical world. Any ways joining date [DOJ] matters a lot.

Kavika, Her mom calls her Chhutku (the younger one). Single track and Not compromising at all. As of know she seems to be the taller. Her current weight is 4 Kg. Seldom cries but when cries you stop it. Her voice is high-pitched and most heart penetrating. Never say die attitude, focused. I trust she’ll turn into a high scoring student.

Kasvi, Her affectionate name is turning Manjhlu (the middle one) She has also managed to attain 4 kgs and giving a good fight to Kavika. I love to call her Google. Always happy and loves to remain secluded keep on playing at her own. Her features match to her Grand-grand Pa. among all she is the Daddy’s child. Seems to be most sensitive as her tears roll out for small things. Loves to rest in peace.

Kayna, She is Badku (elder one) but for me she is the smallest one. She weighs about 300 Gms less then her sisters. But don’t go on her size she is the most demanding child, happy to keep always her arms wide apart. Though weighs less but seems to be the real fighter and with the larger stamina to cry. Can keep on crying for hours. But every time we found there is some reason associated with her crying. I trust she is the one who can bring justice to her sisters. Her mom completes all the tasks before she gets up coz when she gets up the house is engrossed by her havoc.

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13 thoughts on “Hundred Days of K-Three”

  1. I didn’t see them since long….it seems that they’ve grown up fastly…….wanna see them pretty soon.

  2. Oh I can hardly stand it! How blessed you are to have such a fantastic family! Give a large HUG to your wife from me, she brought three beautiful girls into this world!

  3. i luvd the pics n thnks fr the 1st hand sure they will b quite a handful…mujhse milne do…rahi sahi kasar bhi poori…God bless them wid good health n happyness…:)

  4. Lovely ladies! I liked the name Google. Mine behaves like Bing. You never know what will crop up depending on the mood 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing an update on your three precious girls! Enjoy them with each day they grow because they will grow up all too fast and before you know it, leaving home. I have a special affection for multiples since I had a twin sister. Ü God’s blessings on your family and give those darling girls a hug from me! Kind regards to Mommy also.

  6. @Urvashi Chee is the name K3 have selected for you and they are desperate to see you and Parv Bhaiya.

  7. @Rebecca Oh Certainly! I am thankful to my wife for this wonderful trio. I hope u’ll keep visiting with your blessings…

  8. @NITYIN The second one I use to call is Alexa 😉 but still trying to find out 2 more netTechy names for them LOL ! How are your children doing! Do post some update and pics soon…

  9. @Paulie Multiple children are an opportunity for parents to elevate their strength, endurance and destiny. Yes I am enjoying my each day with them and all my life has turned into a fast forward movie. I wd like to thank you for kept on visiting my blog so that I can bring it back to the pulse. Luv & Good wishes from Mommy and K3.

  10. am sure ..they will luv me as they grow up also..who else will teach them the tricks to bother u…n am sure I am the naughties senior relative they have..Anku can’t beat me to it…she is too serious fr them…:)

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