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After watching the first episode I was sad to miss the second one. It was an excellent feast for the fans of legendary Kishore Kumar. The name itself is self sufficient to make you feel good. His acts are still inspiring for me. The beauty of the songs contributed by him is beyond description. This show brings freshness in the environment and pulls back you to the KK era. I am thakful to Sony entertainment channel for this show. K for Kishore is a singing reality show, wherein all the participants will be singing Kishore Kumar’s songs. The underlying concept behind the show is to find a voice, familiar to that of Kishore Da. In its quest, it will take you back to the memory lane, attempting to revive the musical grandeur of the yester years. As a result, all the young men, who consider their voice can create the magic of the maestro, are eligible to participate in the show, from across the country.

He was singer/actor/director/producer/music director/lyricist, I belive the name is like a sargam like “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni”. also belives his songs create/evaluate/establish your all mood.

I have grown up listening KK. I have a very big collection of KKs audio cassettes. His songs have given me a lot of strength and courage. I don’t know how many of them really work now but my passion for KK was long before we purchased our first audio system.

Once along with my college friends we were planning to start KK Fan’s club but were unable due the lack of passion. Wonderful job by these guys to develop www.yoodleeyoo.com to offer tribute to this legend.


This sketch of Kishore has been drawn by ‘Varun’, almost ten years back as a token to my passion to Kishore. Thanks to him. I put this picture as a cover on one of my favourite cassettes. Hope to see some good sketches from him in near future.

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  1. Good to see Kishoreda’s legacy moving on into the next generation. It just proves how music has no barriers. KK carried an amazing sense of spontaneity and was simply unstoppable, as a playback singer and human being both. Btw, many old timers often fight on the issue of Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi parallels. Are there any Rafi fans around here? I made the following post to my own blog and got a very nasty remark from a Rafi fan:


    The Indian Express article, “The King Is Not Dead” by Sandipan Deb, that I have referred to is a good read. Read more on the KK vs M Rafi saga at the below link:


  2. Hey, Rohit

    Your quote – His songs have given me a lot of strength and courage.

    That’s amazing! 🙂

    kkd – @ yoodleeyoo.com

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