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Wedding anniversaries are the remembrance of the most special day in a one’s life when you agree to share with someone special. This is a turning point in life (at least for a Hindu like me). It is a serious and sacred ceremony which binds the couple in divine matrimony with the exchange wedding garlands and vows for the rest of their lives.

I am very poor on remembering birthdays and anniversaries. I realized today is a blessed milestone in my life when throughout the day one or another friends and relatives kept on calling and wishing me happy wedding anniversary. The romance is still in the air as it is just four days after Valentine’s Day.

Generally we notice fancy bouquets of flowers, classy candlelit dinners or romantic holidays on such day but in our case it is a simple another day with slight warmth of love and it seems to be all correct. Sadly in our modern society such relations do not last for lifetime and is miserable.

This is our seventh anniversary and seems to be the last year of flirting without children. In Common observation the couples with children are less romantic than those without children, but I do not subscribe to this. The real romance keeps on rising with age.

I am very poor in arranging and giving gifts, I lack this innovative art of creativity even I can’t comprehend the history behind the traditional anniversary gifts but the fact remains everyone likes to have one.

Though the warmth of our relation has kept on increasing ever since our marriage took place but at certain point of time I really assume that a nerd person like me who is not very attractive, not perfect, not rich, not powerful, not expressive of his love could be a very uninteresting hubby for his spouse.

Any ways, every year of a wedding anniversary should be celebrated in a special way. This day is just like the wedding day itself to commemorate it and enchanting new flavour to the old tradition.

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  1. Relationships are complex and even ‘managing’ a wife is quite a task. 🙂 In fact it is the wives who keeps on ‘managing’ us all the time!! Children involves responsibility and in my case we took the plunge after 4 years after the marriage and the second one is expected in a month’s time, 2 years after the first one. Once you get addicted to children, there is no stopping… I can now relate why people earlier used to have 4-5 children.. Alas.. the times have changed and the inflation, the recession have come to haunt our lives now making more children affordable. Personally, I would love to have at least 4 children to make my family complete. I know it is going to be just a wish, but who knows had I lived in different times I would have full filled my wish. 🙂

    In my course of life, my wife gets to spend all the money as I am just glued to this damn screen. Now she, I must say loves to blow the money, (you can now make out from the tone we are happily married for 7 year). Ok, the point here is I hardly gets any gifts, and when I demand one, she just points to my daughter and says, “what better gift you want than this one?”
    Point taken, I have to admit. 🙂

  2. Thanks for putting your wonderful comments. In any case wives are wonderful and now it is almost impossible to imagine myself without my wife.

    Its glad to note two common points amongst us that you are also happily married for seven years and your wife is expectant with your second child in month’s time.

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