I am efficient when I am alone

It is 04:45AM and it is snowing badly outside. It reminds me of my college days. The environment is so good that I can’t stop myself posting this post. This was a pending thought in my head which I am sharing today.

I was always very conscious regarding my environment. Even while writing this post I need to make a favorable environment, its almost impossible for me to write it noise or in presence of someone. It is almost impossible for me to concentrate in presence of any one. In my school days I was not having a separate room to study which was the biggest resistance I was getting to focus. Now I am having a separate room but this is my bedroom. I strongly feel and recommend to have a separate study in a house.

For this reason whenever I am having some pressure of work or study I rush to my office. There are two zones one is completely silent and one is filled with smoke and noise. When ever I move from one room to another it seems that I have come miles apart.

Even when I do not get any chance to go to office I just take my bag filled with all stationary and books to my roadrunner and drive near by isolated place with some coffee in thermos flask where I can sit for hours to explore my books.