Hope for Justice

Sooner or later every cause leaves some effect. I do not know why in May 2006 a robbery at a gas station put an abrupt end to a young vibrant life; the sound of a gunshot silenced the voice that resonated cheers to many; for a mere $100 we lost an invaluable life. Many dreams, many ambitions were shattered while we searched for answers. Story Link

Best part is that after a period of three years the mystery seems to be unfolding, 21 years old Jerry Reeves, of Lower Paxton Twp, was charged with the 2006 shooting death of Hitender Thakur. Reeves was arrested on July 29th on robbery charges. He later confessed to the murder of Hitender. Story Link

Why did all this happen? There are certain questions whose answers can never be found, a grief that could not be measured, a loss that could not be quantified. Time is a great healer. It helps us overcome sorrows and habituates us with reality.

Hitender Thakur

Like many others Hitender Thakur was one of the thousands of international students who go abroad every year to pursue their dream. His dream was to become a successful registered nurse and eventually work for the World Health Organization (WHO). The ambitious Hitender belonged to district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh. He was a passionate person, always willing to help his friends and always ready to fight whatever fate laid in his way. Hitender’s dream and life came to an end at the age of Twenty Three years only.