Happiness Mantra

After closely scrutinizing the habits of successful people, here we are with 16 points for a successful and a happy Happy Living :

1. Be truthful, honest in your conduct toward others and yourself.
2. Be humble, lively, positive, smiling and social, try discussing success.
3. Keep a track of your health. And, remember, prevention is better than cure
4. Keep an eye on opportunities; this is integral part of you getting luckier.
5. Develop a habit to save money.
6. Develop a habit to read success stories, and analyse the causes of success.
7. Expand your horizons by filling your capabilities with confidence.

Always Remember

8. If you are not extrovert, it doesn’t mean you are not efficient. You should, instead, let your work speak for you.
9. If you agree to others it doesn’t mean that you loose your identity. Being successful does not mean to disagree with rest.
10. Appreciate those forces of universe which are keeping you going and doing well.


11. Do not defer your work.
12. Do not develop a habit to leave your resolutions unaccomplished.
13. Do not get addicted to anything.
14. Do not trust anyone easily. Watch your relations closely.
15. Do not attach yourself unnecessarily with unimportant people or events.
16. Do not attach your work with propaganda; this will decrease your efficiency.

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