Happiness – A Perception

Life is the most precious thing in the world. I am not putting forward a new thought, every one already knows it. Life is a journey and all of us are bound to move ahead in some way. We can never stop the time machine, even if we try doing so. Life is also about perceptions, and in many ways life itself is a perception.

How about keeping an eye on your thoughts and perceptions?

There are many ways in which we can live our life, but each one of us does it in only one way. Perception is a base of how we perceive things; we behave accordingly and the integration of our day to day behaviour becomes our life. All of us are trying to lead our lives in the best possible way. But that is not enough. Along with that, we should also have check on our perceptions by practice of conscious effort. We should give respect to other’s point of view. How we live our life is, in the ultimate analysis, the effect of the way we perceive the things.

I never thought of this concept until one of my friends discussed it with me. I found it to be quite significant, as one’s world is linked with his or her perceptions, and these , in turn, are directly linked with observing capacity of ones mind. How we conceive anything is a subject for study in itself, and an interesting one at that.

It is said in some Buddhist teachings that at any particular moment our mind has the probability of acting in 3600 different ways but the manifestation is in only one way. Our selection of one action out of the 3600 different choices available to us is what represents us.

The significance of this concept lies in the fact that we can, in some ways, keep a check on our manifested choice. The conflict in the ideas of different people is a result of their different manifested choices. Most people are always satisfied with their choice or conviction. And once the choice is made, it is really hard for us to accept the choices made by others. Being confident and happy with our decisions is a good thing, but what should be kept in mind is that their might be some other ways by which we are happier, and we even make others happy.

Unknowingly, or deliberately, our main purpose is to be happy and stay that way for our entire lives.