Grid Focus

Once again just like my last theme I was able to catch the latest theme for my Blog. In fact from long time I was waiting for someone to design a clean theme. Here we are atlast WordPress has just launched a new theme! It’s called Grid Focus, and it’s by Derek Punsalan. If you’re wondering what this theme looks like, wonder no longer – because you’re looking at it. That’s right, In last few hours I have switched my theme to Grid Focus…

I really loved the simple layout. I like how the columns are very neat and organized. I like how the hover effect on links change the underline color. Apart of effects and simplicity I believe the opening speed of your site on net is one of the prime criteria. Alright, so in short: I like this theme a lot!

I hope all of the readers of this new blog enjoy the awesome fresh theme – and many new posts to come!

The parting tip for today is keep your blog away from all the clutter available.

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