Prank Shows in Reality Television

Consider a scene where you are on a routine morning walk from your house and you encounter a very strange complex situation where a school going boy sneeze on your face or some girl is asking you for some outlandish help. You are not aware of the hidden cameras and crew surrounding you. You become the experimental animal and the people are electrified by the method how these live gags shock you.

Though these gags try to present some kind of humor but you never know when this humor turns into embarrassment. It disturbs the normal living of an individual and on the same time it is mere fun for another person. Now more or less it has become the source of earning for many. Who can forget MTV Bakra series from which and people like Cyrus Bharucha have earned name out it.

Chhupa Ruistam was telecasted on Star TV earlier. It was slightly less weird, but now these gag shows are turning more and more eerie as most of the funny ideas and jokes are already executed and the audience of these shows demands much more thrill and excitement other wise they do not find any reason to watch it. Champion Chalbaaz Number One is telecasted on Sony Entertainment Channel on every Saturday at 10:00PM. In some of the gags celebrities are trapped and police, CID costumes are used to annoy them.

Keeping the fun part aside it has got a disadvantage that criminals can get an idea to intrude anywhere keeping few members in their confidence as if some live gag is being done any crime can be executed and when the victims will realize it will be too late.

How you judge it?

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