The whole day went in Virus fighting, we were damaged a lot in todays proceedings. The problem initially was detected as a hardware problem so we changed the network interface card then the problem persisted and it was suspected that it was a local area network problem changed the patch cords but it was fine then it was concluded that it is a virus problem which is hampering our internet connectivity. But after assigning the same IP address to the newest virus free laptop machine it was all same.

Tomorrow is a slightly crucial day for our website as it might be presented to some audeience. The strange thing happened was that we were not able to ping our public IP address and were not able to access internet from the same IP, we assigned the IP to various machines but all invain.  The amature hardware and networking engineer tried his level best but I realized he was just passing his time. The tragedy of working for a Govt. office is that they do not understand your language instead believs in making you undersatnd theirs.

Anyways hoping to come out like a phoenix the above terminator image borrowed from net fills in a confidence for fighting.

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