Festival of Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri celebrates the marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. Shivratri is the perfect night to pray to Lord Shiva. It is celebrated passionately in North India. As a tradition all of us in the family wake up early in the morning of the Mahashivratri day and take a ritual sunrise bath, and preferably visit the nearest Shiva Temple to take blessings from the God.

Lord ShivaWe observes a very strict fast during this auspicious day in the honour of Lord Shiva. We are not allowed to have proper food even in the evening rather we have something which do not include cereals and some milk. Devotees of Lord Shiva observe the Shivaratri Festival by following the prescribed rituals with sincerity and devotion. The festival symbolizes the Ratri which is Dark it stands for Ignorance. Ignorance causes fear. Knowledge begets Confidence. There are two forces acting on us and they are Positive Force and Negative Force. Faith is the positive force enriching Human Lives. Doubt is the negative force robbing of Glow and Meaning.

Home Temple

Some devotees stay awake all night and spend the night in Shiva temples in worship of Lord Shiva. Singing of hymns and verses in praise and devotion of Lord Shiva besides the intense chanting of Om Namah Shivay, the mantra that is said free people from all their sins, continue through the night on Shivaratri. A lot of items are prepared as Prasad and are kept for maney days.

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  1. How I missed the Shivratri as was traveling and away from home. There are some great childhood memories of the Shivratri or shabatar as is called in the hills. As kids, Shivatri meant a feast at home and the money getting doubled in the morning mysteriously kept in front of Shiv ji making us kids believe in the divinity of Shiv ji. Years later, found out it was grand dad who would double the bounty!!

    Great pictures… I missed it this year man.

  2. Yep, in addition to these we have had bada sansa chude apart from the pakain also called poldu in other parts. There used to be a naach organised at every Shabatar and the entire village would come in the night long festivities.

    Boy! that was some other life I guess…

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