Feel Good Factor

This is very important in your life that you feel good. The same I am trying to do right here. This is 05:00 AM and its quite cold outside I am using by bro’s laptop to write this post on bed which I don’t do generally. In routine I do my morning posting session sitting on my desk with a hot water bottle on lap.

I am highly thankful all the articles who seem to be nonliving and support me feeling good. These objects (desk, bottle, mug, comfy sleepers and lamp) make me feel good in order to start my day. Today I am trying to have slightly different feel and trust me it is thought provoking. I am planning to buy the same 2GHz machine from last 1½ years but I am not able to do it. Financial barricades and technology upgrades are forcing me to defer my purchase.

When you feel good it is reflected in your actions and your efficiency. It is vital and should be practiced with in ones range or capability otherwise it becomes competition. The feel of joy lags behind your need and many other parameters who keep on following you.

I believe our generation is enjoying one of the best periods of evolution in Time Machine.

What do you think?? Cheers and Merry Christmas to all there.