Extracurricular Activities are Awesome

Each one of us posses one or more talents but all of us may not realize this. From the routine grind of our life if we can afford to spare some time for any extracurricular activity we’ll be able to help ourselves in many ways. We learn many things which are generally not taught in our school books, like cooperation, teamwork and time management. The most basic reason for joining such activity is that it gives you something better to do than simply wasting our time. Moreover people who are involved and engaged are less likely to become addicted to bad habits, like smoking or drinking.

Most people claim to have a diverse schedule, by planning out our whole day dedicated to monotonous task, we’re much more likely to get bored and distracted during your work and thus spend your time inefficiently. After a certain point, focusing on one thing to the exclusion of others shows markedly diminishing gains – we might improve yourself in that field to a small degree, but proportionately you’ll lose out more in free time and the opportunity cost of trying out different things. But by interspersing your academics with an extra-curricular – a sport; musical program; club; internship; or simply going to the gym – you can refresh yourself and be better able to focus on your work when you return to it. Moreover By serving as an officer in a play, we may learn responsibility, problem solving and communication. Extracurricular activities can also help discover our hidden talents.

Participation in extra-curricular activities will encourage creative, social and physical skills that are desirable qualities to colleges and future employers. Involvement can strengthen self-esteem, build lasting friendships and create a lifetime of memories. These activities help define you in a different way than academic study will. Academics require so much of a teen’s attention that subjects become jobs. Even a student who loves to read in spare time may find that assigned reading for an English class is work. Extra-curricular activities can provide a much-needed break from the academic grind. Extra-curricular activities add more fun, and make everything interesting. There are different types of activities, but all aim to promote interest and enthusiasm.

All these thoughts crossed my mind when I attended the latest BSG function commemorating 3rd May. Have a look on the event photographs.

Group Song

Discussion Panel


from skit

Group Dance



Heres the video of the Dance which I liked most: