Economy Snack

Wise are those who identify opportunities with their innovation in this recession period which we are crossing. Tata reportedly has collected about 15 Cr. INR as it is claiming that it has already received 500,000 application forms since the car went on sale April 9. Tata Motors sent out order forms to 30,000 locations throughout India, and charged 300 rupees. My father has also procured one form :-).

One the same pattern the one-rupee costing ‘Samosa’ (A salty snack filled with potato) is the current hot favorite of the people at a local sweetshop in Kanpur. to introduce world’s cheapest samosa at Re 1 is inspired by the world’s cheapest Ratan Tata’s car Nano. The shop owner has done an opportunity move by appropriately naming it as ‘Nano Samosa’. According to resources the sale of Satya Sweet Shop has exponentially increased as it is becoming the current hot favorite with the political workers of the various political parties. To ensure the smooth sale of Samosas to field workers of political parties the shop has made some special arrangements.

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

Any ways Tata Nano was successfully tested on the 30 Degree slope in Shimla and was told that the rear engine of the vehicle has no disadvantage over the other cars and can safely climb the slope of Jakhu Hill.

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