Dream Come True

First Feeling

In searching of my rainbow’s end I found nothing Gold but these experiences which resulted in these essays and posts.

From an earlier post

Modern life of cities & towns filled with most of the material enjoyment is lacking the spiritual delight and in this fast scenario we are swayed away by it, without getting any time to contemplate much.


The heavenly hush of this beautiful evening with the vast blue sky on which some little clouds at the horizon, countless smiling stars in the background, at the horizon ice tops of Majestic Himalayas makes my place a divine paradise. Looking at this treasure of wealthy environment it seems that the artist has poured all its pleasures into the canvas.

Every bit of Mother Nature fills my heart with divine romance.This pious feel in this cosmos makes our struggling life quite undemanding. This time of my life is in fact very joyful and to a certain extent I have put an endeavor to feel so by analysing my joy with some acts which I wish to share with you in my weblog. This joy can’t be measured with words but simply can be experienced by fixing some small acts to be performed during the cycle of the day.

This era in Time Machine mesmerises and gives me this wonderful opportunity to share the same with you…

Love you all there…