Diesel cars – A nice substitute

New cars at Sankatmochan temple

I am glad to share that two new Swift Diesel cars added to our family convoy. My maternal Uncle and my Father in law brought these happy moments by selecting the ditto versions and colours, both are auto enthusiasts. After lot of brain storming both went with the India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki India.

The diesel engine cars are living up to expectations where fuel efficiency and higher level of performance are concerned, which is sure to make diesel engines a winner in India. It is a B+ Segment car with hatchback body and recent face lift, the fuel consumption in City 18.00 kmpl & on highway is 23.00 kmpl. In many districts of HP this car is enjoying a waiting of three months.

Diesel is 40% cheaper than petrol in India while diesel cars cost almost 20% more than petrol powered ones. Despite the higher initial cost of diesel engine cars, car buyers are choosing to buy more diesel cars, leaving petrol cars in the lurch, as they feel that higher running of the diesel car will help them recoup the higher initial price over a period of time.

Hindus generally go to temples with their newly bought vehicles to have good luck and positive vibe, to perform this ritual we went to Sri Sankatmocan temple. I was glad to witness the new system of car pooja where we got receipts of the pooja and a different pandit was assigned for each pooja. Earlier most of the pandits can be seen in the parking area of the temple, as the auto dealer is adjacent to the temple and there is a frequent visits of new car purchasers to the temple.

I would like to see the condition of both the cars down the line after five to seven years in order to determine ‘Who is the better car handler?’ Looking at their passion for the cars I am not very sure if by that time they are not going to change their cars.. 😛