Democracy Raped

From a couple of weeks there has been extreme coverage on the subject of the moral policing by fundamentalists, misbehavior with men or women has now become hot debate. On television I watched couple of incidents where the so called thieves were beaten to death by ordinary public, every year we see attack on shops selling Valentine’s Day cards. Isn’t this the lack of law and order?

The biggest question after Mangalore’s Incident remains, Do I posses right to change your lifestyle?

I personally do not approve men or women smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol publicly. You can be easily prone of drinking liquor and smoking when you are in a pub,  moreover having soft drinks is taken to be immaturity in a pub. Still if there is a section of society that does not identify with this culture, they are free not to be a part of it. On a lighter note I do not think that they will be able to keep such check on public at 24X7 bases.

Alcohol consumption at least publicly is ‘culturally’ unacceptable in India. Thus If the activists had an issue with alcoholism, it would have been understandable. But they seem to have a problem with female sipping? Formation of “moral police squads” and the “Talibanization” of Hindu fundamentalist groups depict loose governance. On contrary I support and appreciate the Union Health Minister’s efforts to curb smoking in many places, which has yielded significant returns over the past six months. Any kind of abuse should be banned for all genders.

Keeping this in head that a lot of revenue has been generated from the pubs and sale of alcohol and a majority of the population believe that the pub culture is fine. The handling of the issue by the government seems to be full of avoidance. This is ridiculous to hear that State Government overlook such inefficiency of police? Security agencies should be removed from the clutch of State Government and brought under a federal system, otherwise politicians will never let the use of such agencies in right perspective.

If everything is coming from western culture, why we don’t adopt their proven good things? How can the keepers of culture define ‘Culture’ when they themselves have no morals? The people misperceive the word culture. It is a continuous evolving social practice, ideas like celebrating our festivals, promoting interaction among generations. I believe, a misleading act can never be acceptable by any aggressive behavior.

3 thoughts on “Democracy Raped”

  1. On that day in Mangalore not only women but even men were
    beaten up,but media was more intrstd in showing only women
    being beaten.i personally met a victim(a guy called
    suresh),he was the most severely wounded among the
    victims.That too some scratches on his right hand and a
    small wound in his back.This incident shows how the media is
    controlled by christians and this issue is used to cover up
    the conversion activities taking place in mangalore and
    whole of India.Renuka a christian puppet.Ek hindu ka dushman ek hindu hi hain.
    This just clears the point that media is a controlled by congress party and the missionaries,because such an issue is raised so high only due to the attacks on church in mangalore recently(no one cares about the harrassment and mental truama that christian missionaries give to a person whom they intend to convert)(i have tasted it),christians are cunning people,they are shameless loosers,they have always lost but never admitted to it,they have lost to islam before but used the media to cover it(Islam will defeat the loosers again)
    Cunning christians use this issue to cover the conversion issue

  2. I haven’t and would not like to write a biased post against someone. Irrespective of sex and creed there is not even a single doubt for the fact that the Democracy was raped.

  3. Reminds me of the vintage Manoj Kumar movies…. West is evil, East is good… Indians are the best race…. If only we could make ourselves responsible for all our actions. I somehow feel, one section of Indians is hell bent on competing with the Pakis… They just want to be at there degrading best… If Pakis are a good Talibanis, they want to become a better one here.

    Some how crux of the problem I feel is these chaps are not able to digest that women are coming out of houses and now becoming independent. Times is changing the age old way of living and some people want to remain in their cocoon.

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